Why Use JRM Pallets & Mulch

Committed to Our Environment

JRM Pallets & Mulch is committed to the environment, our community and our customers. Our dedicated staff restores broken pallets with recycled parts, keeping older pallets in use and out of landfills. By carefully reconditioning and reusing pallets, we are able to protect our environment and do our part to keep shipping costs down across a wide variety of industries – a process we have perfected over the past 20+ years.

We derive our high-quality mulch (natural and dyed) from carefully curated green waste and untreated pallet materials inspected to ensure that no treated lumber contaminates the final product. At JRM Pallets & Mulch, we strive to responsibly reduce waste on both ends of the production process. Our goal is to provide our customers only the highest quality products and services.

Committed to Our Customers

By recycling, we are doing our part to save energy – some estimate that environmentally aware Americans working together can save the equivalent of nearly 12 BILLION gallons of gasoline every year, reducing greenhouse gas emissions on par with 25 million cars! The fact is, recycling and remanufacturing are nearly 200 times more effective in reducing greenhouse gases than landfilling.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Pennsylvanians who recycle save enough energy to power 941,000 houses! At JRM Pallets & Mulch, we are proud to operate our business in an environmentally sustainable way that also allows for excellent pricing and first-class customer service.