Highest-Quality Pallet Recycling and Repairs

JRM Pallets & Mulch employees focus tremendous effort on keeping pallets in circulation by keeping pallets in excellent condition. We start by being selective when it comes to choosing pallets for reconditioning and repairing or remanufacturing these pallets with the highest-quality recycled parts. JRM Pallets & Mulch delivers your pallets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For your convenience, we repair and recondition thousands of pallets every week.

JRM Pallets & Mulch offers a variety of re-manufactured pallets, repaired using quality recycled materials to meet your specifications. Truckload quantities of the most common sizes and grades are available for immediate delivery.

We prefer wood over plastics for your pallets because wood is a much better option than non-renewable materials when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. When using wood (and re-using wood in repairs and reconditioning), the carbon dioxide remains trapped in the pallet. At the end of the pallet’s useful life, we dispose of it by recycling it once more – this time into all-natural mulch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What size pallets do you sell?
We offer many different sizes, depending on your company’s specific needs. The most common size pallets are available for immediate delivery, and our customer service team will work with you to develop and deliver custom sized pallets suited to your specific needs.

Are pallets new or used?
Our pallets are like new, carefully reconditioned by our team using quality recycled materials to greatly extend the life of each pallet while significantly reducing costs.

Do you offer removal of unwanted pallets from my business?
Pallet removal is available. JRM Pallets & Mulch will place a trailer at your business for collection of unwanted pallets and schedule prompt removal of the loaded trailer.


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