Green Waste

Innovative Program Turns Waste Into Mulch

At JRM Pallets & Mulch, we care – about the environment, about our community, about our neighbors. So we created an innovative, inexpensive green waste recycling program that works for everyone. One annual $35 permit grants you full access to our green waste acceptance facility in Myerstown 365 days a year. Our facility is open year-round during daylight hours to accept your green waste at your convenience.

Recycling your green waste means less waste for our landfills, which is good for everyone. And, because we process the compost, mix it with other materials and turn it into fine mulch, your green waste isn’t just diverted from landfills, it is completely repurposed for healthier, great-looking lawns and gardens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone bring green waste into your facility?
Yes, with an annual permit.

How much does an annual green waste permit cost?
An annual green waste permit costs just $35. The permit is valid for one year. Permits are on sale beginning in March each year, and expire the following March. Permits are NOT transferrable.

What are your hours for accepting green waste?
JRM Pallets & Mulch accepts green waste during daylight hours every day, 365 days a year, at your convenience.

Are there types of green waste you won’t accept?
We do not accept Sumac, Poison Ivy, paper, rocks or garden plants (vegetables). If you aren’t sure, you can call us at (717) 926-6892.

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